I love what I do, so I work hard on it. From content creation to strategic thinking and execution. I help bring brands to the Moon and back. If you will be my baby.

How to get a fat chicken in the bed? Piece of Cake!


The essence of everything is a good plan. 50% of a job is already done if you have it. I dig deep and hard to find correlation and causation in data and plan accordingly. Please do not mix this two.


There is a science why some brands make it and others don't. Think Pareto 80/20. Do 80% of things that worked well before and with the other 20% just experiment. Yes, the thumbnail picture is not connected to the title at all. But, I did make you think, didn't I? And the puppy is cute!


execution and celebration

There is nothing more sexy than execution. Your idea will be worthless if you can't score when the game day comes and when we score I will come to your party to celebrate. FYI I like beer.

Your brand is not special nor am I


With the development of technology, it became easier then ever to develop a brand and a business. There is an overproduction of brands, start-ups, machine guns, content, perfumes, religions, cars, compost and even Markos. Yes, I am sure there is a little Marko in India preaching the same story as I am.

This is why your brand is loosing. You think it is the best and it is not. You can't see the forest for the trees. I will help you see it, chop it and make a house, I mean a brand of it.



Focus Docus


Who cares if you can't sing, neither can Madonna and she is a megastar. You have to be determined to focus on the things that matter. If you use your brand for multi purposes it will loose power. You can't be a paper company and an entertainment company at the same time. You are not Dunder Mifflin Paper company are you?

So, Focus Docus!



I got bunch of them


I like, twit, pin, vine, chat, blog, share, care and I haven't felt more alone. Socializing is not about having bunch of followers so you can have the bragging rights that you are the best. Social media is about interacting and giving value. Start offline and let me tell you how to do it online.

BTW I am not lonely, it was just a means to sent my message. At least this is what my psychologist said to me to write.



Space may be the final frontier but it is made in the Hollywood basement


Sometimes you have to look back and give your brand and yourself a break. You may really, really want to be the best but sometimes you just have to relax. Don't push it. Moderation in everything, even in pushing.

When you stop pushing you can show your true colours and create your own Universe.